Friday, December 11, 2009

Special Thanks to Terrye of "The Painted Pear Basket" for the picture of my home

Sunday, December 6, 2009

You may remember a little while back I posted a picture of a very forlorn "wannabe" doll begging to come to life. The wintery northeast weather finally did a little magic and breathed some life into him. Here he is all shined up and just in time for Christmas. Hope he makes you smile :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Joy to the World

I have a new doll listed on ebay...hope she makes you smile!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm back....sort of

Tommorow is the 10th of the month and that means new goodies on Pfatt Market Place! Please stop in and scoop up some unique gifts for the holiday season. I have put aside my hammer and paint brush to join in this month. I hope this jolly old soul makes you smile. He will be available on . It feels good to be back at the sewing machine even if it is just part time. I am also working on an angel for ebay which I hope to finish up this week in between jockeying the kids here and there and painting my new studio. I found the colors in there were very distracting when I was trying to work last week. It is hard to live with someone elses colors. Hmmmm...maybe once it is painted and organized (which is RARE!) I will post a picture of my new creative space. OK..back to work!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Moving day is finally upon us! The movers are coming tomorrow morning to load our belongings onto the van and we will officially be moving to our little gray shingled house on Wednesday. At this point I am so tired I can barely see but I will chug along and make it through the next couple of days. I will be unplugging the computer tonight and will be offline for a bit. I want to thank those who have emailed wondering where I have been and why there have been no new dolls. Once settled in I will be back at the sewing machine. Hopefully in time for some Santas and Angels! OK..back to packing! See you soon!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I should be packing. I have managed to weed out all our unwanted/unneeded belongings over the past few weeks. I have made several trips to the city mission to drop off outgrown clothes, unneeded household items and furniture. I have reduced much of our things to fit tidily into cardboard cartons, stacked neatly, awaiting transport to our new home. What I have NOT done is pack up my studio. I planned to tackle the job today but as I wandered in here with a fresh cup of java this morning my eyes, once again, fell upon this poor abandoned "wannabe". It has no purpose yet. It sits there and pleads to be brought to life. I am sick of packing. I am tired of dealing with buying and selling real estate, lawyers and technicalities which one must deal with in order to move. I want to sew, I want to draw, I want to create. Fall is coming and I would like to be elbow deep in pumpkins, black cats and ghouls. Instead I am being called to duty by corrugated cardboard beckoning to be filled with my threads, fabrics and art supplies. Everything is moving so slowly. We need to repair a few things before we move ahead to our closing..maybe I have time for just one little wannabe??? hmmmmmmmm........

Friday, July 17, 2009

things change...

I admit it. I don't like change. I'm not quite sure why...maybe it's the fear of the unknown. With a heavy heart my husband and I have decided to put our home on the market. I was a bit younger when we bought it and had a toddler who is now 9 and a kindergartner who is now 12 at the time. I remember the day we walked through the front door for the very first time. It needed work, LOTS of work but that didn't scare me. What I saw was potential. At the time we were living in a tiny little cape which seemed to be bursting at the seams with all our things. Our family was growing and so were our needs. I walked through these doors with optimism and a dream and I jumped right in with both feet. We turned this house into a home room by room. Like I said, things change. Needs change. The home I often referred to as "my dream house that needs a little work" now tires me. I have hammered, nailed, painted, fixed, plumbed and redone every single room with the help of my husband and my own 2 hands.I'm not done yet, there is still more work left but this time, by someone else. I am sad to be leaving but for once in my life I am welcoming the change. Things change, needs change. I just hope some wide eyed young Mom walks through my front door and sees what I saw years ago..I hope she sees potential and has a dream.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A sneak peek of my Pfatt Market Place offering

It's going to snow tommorow!!! Well with the weather we've been having it may as well snow. Here's a sneak peek of my Christmas in July offering available 7/10/09

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Be careful of what you wish for

Just this past Sunday I was sitting on my front stoop,sipping coffee and thinking about all the future flower beds and plantings I'd like to put in. As usual my day dreams came to an abrupt halt when my eyes fell upon the enormous "garbage" tree which towers over the front of my home and blocks any hope of even a trickle of sunlight dappling upon my sparse landscaping. I refer to it as the "garbage" tree because first, I have no clue to what type of tree it is and second it sheds various tree debris year round, requiring constant clean up. My husband joined me on the stair and glared at the tree with equal disdain. "I HATE that tree" I told him. "Yeah, me too" he replied. I jokingly added that if the tree were ever to fall, at least it would fall away from the house.
Upon my return from a family shopping trip yesterday the wind began to pick up as pulled my little VW bug into the garage. Small hail which soon turned into large ice cubes began to cover the area. Instead of making a mad dash to the house we decided to wait it out inside the garage. The wind was howling by this point and I watched siding being ripped from the side of our garage. I instructed the kids to get away from he windows as debris began to fly over the top of my house. The freakish storm ended almost as quickly as it started. When I opened the door to the garage it took me a minute to realize that the garbage tree was no longer there. As you can see from the picture....boy was I wrong about it's path of descent.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Well it's about time...

I have been putting this off for ages...dreading it really. Not dreading because I have anything personal against blogs..dreading it because I am so VERY challenged in the computer skills department. You see I am definitely a right brained person..I get the BIG picture, just not all the little details that make up the big picture. I am and it is thanks to a fellow doll maker, Edna B. of Plum Thicket, who graciously offered her assistance (and patience). Well somehow, how she explained things to me got through my thick ol' right brained head and here I am rambling on about it. I know it is no big deal for you..I would imagine that you have much more exciting things to do then to listen to me rave on about blogging. I guess I will just give myself an "atta girl" and pat on the back...once again, thank Edna for her time and enlightenment and end the very first post of my very first blog. In the future I plan on showing you little bits and pieces of my work and life...see you soon!